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Business & Information Technology

In the Business and Information Technology Studies Department, you can develop marketable career skills in areas including keyboarding, accounting,

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What is next after high school graduation?  Off to work?  Off to college?  Maybe both?  Preparing to transition from school to wor

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Character Initiative

WJ Mouat Secondary Shool has been formally developing a School of Character initiative since June of 2010.

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Students taking Drama will learn and develop skills and confidence needed in effective communication on the stage.

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The English Department offers courses to meet the needs of students at all academic levels.

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French Immersion

WJ Mouat Secondary School is proud to be the only high school in the Abbotsford School District to offer a complete French Immersion Program in a D

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W.J.Mouat's Math Department strives to be a premier Mathematics Department in Abbotsford as well as in British Columbia and we are incredibly proud

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Modern Languages

The Modern Languages Department includes language training in both French and German and is fortunate to have dedicated teachers with an overall co

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Students in music courses use the repertoire of the concert band, concert choir and jazz band genres to learn about music through performance.

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Outdoor Ed

Tired of traditional PE activities like fitness testing and shuttle runs? Looking for a little adventure?

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Peer Tutoring

Peer Tutoring is a great opportunity for students to help others and to develop and enhance their own communications skills.

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Physical Education

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W.J.Mouat's Science Department offers a broad range of courses including Science 9/10, Biology 11/12, Chemistry 11/12, Physics 11/12, Earth Science

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Social Justice

Are you serious about making a difference in your world?

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Social Studies

The Social Studies Philosophy which underlines the work of this department is the soul of our teaching and permeates, invigorates, and inspires the

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W. J. Mouat has some of the most cutting-edge technology courses and opportunities for students in Canada!

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TV & Film

Students acquire the skills needed to produce quality videos, including proper camera operation and framing techniques and non-linear video editing

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Visual Arts

The Visual Arts Program at W.J.Mouat Secondary currently focuses on the student’s technical skills, critical thinking with an emphasis on the idea

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